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Energiesprong UK Ltd

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Energiesprong is kick-starting the UK market for high-performing off-site retrofits and new build homes. Energiesprong uses an outcome-based performance methodology which guarantees our clients and their tenants allowances of heating, hot water and small power for a fixed monthly cost.

We are looking for innovative organisations to collaborate and sell into our supply-chain at tier1/OEM and tier2 sub-system level. A tier 1 provider integrates sub-systems, delivers the product and operates the performance guarantee, tier 2 would typically integrate components to provide an energy module or integrated wall and roof panels. We have an initial pipeline of over 300 properties across 14 social provides and aim to build early market volume of 5,000 homes within 3 years.

The Energiesprong performance specification sets a high-bar in terms of thermal performance, generation, heating system efficiency and aims to deliver a net-zero home. Whilst we are technology agnostic our solutions normally include heat pumps, wall and roof panels with high insulation and airtightness, PV systems, thermal and electrical storage and sophisticated/integrated monitoring and control systems.
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