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Eildon Housing Association

Development Project Manager

The Eildon Group is based in the Scottish Borders and made up of parent company Eildon Housing Association Ltd, and Eildon Enterprise Ltd.
We provide housing, care and support services to people right across the Scottish Borders region.
We started out as Eildon Housing Association (EHA) in 1973, and have grown to the point where we now serve nearly 50 communities in Borders towns, villages and rural areas.
Today, EHA is recognised as one of Scotland’s leading housing and care providers. We’re committed to excellence in everything we do, and continue to grow, by building new homes and developing innovative new services.
All our activities are underpinned by our commitment to doing our best for the people we serve.

We are looking to the future for homes and are interested to see what offsite construction methods may assist us with the delivery of our new build homes.