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Offsite Connect – Buyers & Specifiers Forum 2019 – Testimonials

"A very useful Forum to enable contact with organisations associated with the Offsite market,  established a number of new links and connections. The offsite market is expanding, and the event provided an opportunity to explore new opportunities and new products at a single event therefore a very efficient and cost-effective method of networking."

Julian Humphreys, Community Health Partnerships


"This was my first experience of Offsite Expo. I have described attending the 2019 Offsite Connect Forum as a little like "work-related-speed-dating". I had been set up with a pre-arranged full diary of meetings, all of which were useful & have led to subsequent information gathering/meetings/factory visits/CPDs & presentations. Would recommend & do again in future."
Maggie Page, L&Q


"On the day that I was there and for my appointments it worked smoothly and the girls running that side were great – it was almost like they were there as our personal PA's.

The free parking was also much appreciated. We were also surprised at the size of the trade part outside of the MTB arena, but we had no time to see anyone because we had full diaries. Overall, we came away thinking it was a worthwhile event and we would certainly consider attending next year."
Steve Eagles, Nexus Modular


"I have been approached by very interesting people/companies. I will try now to arrange further meetings in our Head Office and potentially use their ideas I also very liked the forum, very nicely organised and managed."
Sebastian Czajka, Inland Homes


"Using the Offsite Connect Buyers and Specifiers Forum I was able to have direct and detailed discussions with organisations who were particularly interested in applying for Innovation and R&D funding from the Transforming Construction Challenge programme.  Some of these conversations will hopefully lead to successful applications to the fund and realisation of projects that can transform the industry in which we work."
Christine Coonick, UKRI INNOVATE UK


"I found the Offsite Connect a very useful resource to meet with Clients and Suppliers a like and engage in an environment that was conducive to exploring future opportunities. It was useful to be able to review their profiles ahead of the event and request a meeting at a mutually agreeable time. The hosts on the day made us all feel welcome, and at ease.

All in all, a positive experience, and I expect I will be attending the event again in 2020."
Jon Griffiths, Property & Cost Management, WT Partnership


"I find the buyers forum a very helpful and useful way of meeting strategic contacts in the melee of a busy event. I can get the attention of senior people in the organisations I want to connect with or do business with and be confident that we will have a time and place to meet."
Rory Bergin, HTA Design


"Just a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our visit to the Offsite Expo in Coventry back in September 2019, the quality of the exhibitions and presentations plus the expertise on tap was quite refreshing.

A number of times you can attend these functions and are faced with supersonic salesmen who are keen to sell the product but not prepared for the technical queries that arise – this was not the case at Offsite Expo and we left with a number of great connections that will serve our business going forward – see you next year."
Martyn Fennell, L&Q


"The pairing system was very professional and facilitated informal meeting in a relaxed environment a great place to meet like-minded people looking to do business in the offsite sector".
John Handscomb, Kier


"The Buyers and Specifiers Forum was an invaluable tool to meet potential new clients, collaborators and supply chain partners, on a no obligation basis! It was also great to put some faces to names we had heard a lot about in the industry but hadn't yet met!"
Ben Drake, Peter Dann 


“For Bridges Modular Construction, as a relatively new and young company, the Offsite Expo provided us with an excellent and flexible platform to network with manufacturers/developers and significant others involved directly with MMC.  We look forward very much to being part of the Offsite Expo in 2020.”
Garry Brown, Bridges Modular

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